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Nov 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
struck by cnn found its groove but the message boards that if he wins on election night and you're looking for any race anywhere, you could find the information you're looking for. i was really struck a margaret hoover, a political columnist was so beautiful that people think you think wow, ishii spire. who are some of the people who are starting to blow you away where the institutions you thought really played a major role. >> i would say going back to the original theories, sasha eisenberg and his book, does it. he nailed a the same that this will calm down to turnout and techniques. so i gave him a line of credit. >> i'm afraid this might be a little controversial, but i say nate silver said. it was the year of the polls and he nailed it. on the political side, having covered ted cruz, i am really impressed and he's going to be a player. he can be a republican supreme court nominee if not a candidate for president or vice president. >> i don't think many people hurt that much. >> he now becomes the third former supreme court clerk. he was serving in the senate along with senator
Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
amazing job in 60 different languages, broadcasting more hours than cnn does. we don't know about it because were not allowed to tell anybody in the united states to show anybody in the united states was going on. so here is a very, very valuable public diplomacy aspect that is not being properly used. it's not the fault of the people at the ppg. it is the lack of understanding at higher levels of government about how important this is. >> the british have a direct general. [inaudible] >> i agree with jen. i think when i went on that board, it has these constant leadership challenges. you know, frankly my sympathy goes out to the folks in the field because it's very, very difficult to do it. i know walter isakson had proposed a significant rework of which i thought made a lot of sense. i'm frankly not sure where it is these days in terms of processes implementing it, but hopefully would make it a better or more highly functioning organization. we need every tool that we have in our arsenal. we need to be able to deploy than the fact is they. i think better coordination or consultatio
Nov 26, 2012 8:30pm EST
on cnn and bbc. it was an opportunity there for them to put this thing to bed. >> how tobacco? >> not too well. [laughter] never was the bridge built or even considered. and i think one of the key issues here with respect to china as they emerge as the leading nation is the ability to build bridges and communicate and enable every form and how there is multilateral relationships and advantages keep the volume as well as possible. >> blaster i had the privilege of talking to henry kissinger about his book on china. so i opened it up, and i talked about an agreement with henry. and i said, i'm going to ask you if you are still yourself. kissinger said, i would never write such a thing. >> i said it's in the book. >> now, there is a great article in he basically wrote about the two chinas, the two agents. there is a doctor jekyll and mr. hyde that is evolving. the doctor jekyll is the nicer of the two, the other is the strategic asia. if you look at the economic asia, there is a heavy amount of economic independence. if you look at the security, border disputes, historical grievances, we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3